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The Genetics Society of America Conferences
Hotel Reservation Deadline:   May 25, 2011



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You are invited to join the International Mammalian Genome Society (IMGS), Complex Trait Community (CTC) and the Genetics Society of America (GSA) for a joint conference discussing hot topics in mouse research including:


Disease Models Large Scale Resources Preclinical Translation System Genetics



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Hear from featured keynote speaker Francis S. Collins, Director, National Institutes of Health as he describes his vision for the future of biomedical research and the role mouse research will have in improving human health.








Plenary Speakers and their topics include:


Allan Balmain (UCSF) Cancer Complexity: Lessons from Network Analysis of Signaling Pathways Involved in Inflammation and Cancer Susceptibility Andrew Benson (Univ of Neb) - Species Composition of the gut microbiota in murine models; a complex polygenic trait Han Brunner (Radbound Univ Nijmegen) Human Genetics After Large-Scale Genome Sequencing: Questions for the Mouse

Elaine Fuchs (The Rockefeller Univ) - Using Mice to Track Stem Cells in Tissue Morphogenesis and Cancer Aviv Regev (The Broad Inst) Reconstructing Regulatory Circuits: Lessons from the Mouse Immune System David Valle (Johns Hopkins Univ)

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William Dove (Univ of Wisc) -Verne Chapman Lecture - Experimental Mammalian Biology: Verne Chapman and the Molecular Genetic Era


Conference Organizers



We look forward to seeing you in

Washington, DC!